What are you hoping a website will do for you?

    Tell us about your hopes and expectations for your website.

    How many hours could you devote to building your new website?

    Barely enough time to gather pictures, content and info for a web developer.
    Try and do it yourself with only 20 hours can be risky and ugly. A professional could get you traffic,& leads faster as they won't botch the site. Better use this time to source nice pictures and write enticing content for your website that will attract people.
    With 50 hours up your sleeve, some study of a simple platform like square space, & gaining experience through trial & error you could begin to understand the needs of a simple 3-page website.
    You may be able to learn to build a website on an enclosed platform like Wix or Squarespace that can be found by your customers on Google, but it will have limitations
    200 hours of learning website development, is likely to help you understand how you can get an edge on your competitors but still lack in design and certainly not develop an e-commerce store
    3 months of straight learning website design & development, coding, and copywriting will enable you to be a website builder specialising in small websites on one or two platforms. Now its time to put learned theories into practice
    Professional designers and devleopers need at least 2 years combined education & experience to build responsive and eye catching websites that work.

    Do you have any design skills?

    Do your design skills extend to using software such as Canva that are website design compatible?
    Some software has themes and this can make a simple website easier to design.

    Do you have a domain name registered?

    Great, you're on the way!
    All websites need a domain name, please make sure you have name that is still available. You can check here at https://www.godaddy.com/en-au

    What pages do you want on your website?

    Think carefully about the pages you need in your website.

    Rate your software & coding skills.

    If you take online software easy then building your own website is a good option.
    Even with average skills you maybe able to manage to develop a website.
    You might need to hire a professional.
    You might need to hire a professional.

    Do you want someone to design your site?

    The best way. Freelancers in Australia who specialise in certain platforms, whereas web design agencies often do multiple.
    Many small businesses start this way thinking it's cost effective, however soon realise it ends up costing more.
    Shop around talk and develop your ideas with professionals. Try to meet in person.

    Do you have a logo?

    Great! Consider if it needs updating.
    If you have a website you need a logo, of course, you can do it yourself but best left to a pro.

    What Colours will your site be?

    Please choose the main colour only.

    Photos you have for your website.

    Do you have photos prepared for your website?

    Are these photos of high resolution and good quality or just happy snaps?
    Use a professional photographer, may seem expensive at 1st but the results will show.
    Stock photos can make your site less credible, or not realistic, sometimes a mix of stock photos with real photos can work.

    What written content do or will u have for your site?

    Content is King!

    Good engaging content is vital.
    You will employ a content writer, that can be someone in your business or a pro.
    Consider employing a content writer to target your audience.

    Do you know what is unique about your business?

    That's great! You can include that in your content.
    Consider a workshop with our staff and friends to find out what makes you unique.

    Do you have a specific area or market?

    Can you clearly identify that so everybody understands?
    Is it required in your line of business?

    How much is your monthly budget for people to find your website?

    We're talking about ads.

    Your site will likely not be found.
    A few people will find your website.
    $100 will not buy much.
    This will start a social media campaign with a few ads.
    Minimum required to mount a good campaign to have your website known.

    What Social Media Accounts do you have for your business?

    Do you have a Google my Business Account?

    That's Great!
    More than half of all local searches are found using google maps, i.e. Part of Google business.

    How do you plan to host your account?

    Any platform-based software has a monthly recurring charge usually starting at around $50 per month. As your sire grows they will charge you more for the extras.
    The world leader.
    B2B and other buy in bulk and pass on the savings.
    This can be suitable also.

    Who's going to maintain your website?

    This is for professionals and amateurs alike. Just because you can have access doesn't mean they can make good changes.
    Best option.

    Personal Information

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